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My name is Pia, I am a young mother, born 100% and raised in Germany, they describe me as ..

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Dear and personable, I am a delicate 21 years old, 169cm short, a normal figure, a full-time trained retail saleswoman and have a full butt that has certain preferences, blond hair, and natural breasts, whose nipples sometimes stand longer than me during the day 

Why i am here
I enjoy sex ... and little by little a passion also develops Private To live out, new experiences stimulate me, feel a tingling sensation when I am touched by someone else's body and I can explore it, and I find it totally exciting when I can fulfill a man's small (maybe also secret / dirty) wishes

Maybe I will find a man with whom I can gradually expand our fantasies ... and combine the pleasant with the useful in order to be able to offer my child a better future.

Your age, your body size, or your appearance are not so important to me, on the contrary, what is more important for me is that the sympathy and hygene are correct and I have had good experiences with more mature men.

My list of preferences is endless .. from soft to harder, and I like to try new things. It makes me happy to slip into the dominant role and play a few games with you (have a big box g) And despite my age, I am into things like gv, possibly av, a2m, ov, role-playing games, dirty talk, ns active, 69, facesitting, cbt, mutual dildo games (trust yourself) deepthroat, bondage, gb, feet and nylon erotic very familiar ... In general, I wouldn't offer anything that I don't find pleasant either, and you can tell that.

It also makes me totally horny when I can watch the best piece of the man how it waxes out of him ... It also excites me when a man can be pampered with my strapon 

Since I, as a mother, cannot take calls of this kind, write me an email, your email will be sent directly to my cell phone, I will answer you at lightning speed 

I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm really excited about what to expect 🙂  

Pia Colada


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